Discover the UGG for Men Treadlite Trainer collection

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The Spring Summer season is well underway and our men’s Treadlite collection has landed so we’ve teamed up with two of our favourite menswear influencers to show us Treadlite styled their way!


Fashion and lifestyle blogger Joey Clough aka Joey London took to the docks of Greenwhich in his selected style from the Spring / Summer 2016 collection – Hepner Woven.

Joey thinks “When it comes to styling it’s always the coat or shoes that are the key pieces of my outfit” and we couldn’t agree more!

Always a big fan of throwing on a shirt over a t-shirt and jumping into comfortable jeans the Hepner are the “the perfect balance between style and function” for this casual look.


Photographer and fashion blogger Mike Quyen’s Instagram feed is full of a street-style fashion and flying conceptual photography which perfectly complements Treadlite tech and all its benefits. Mike’s pick from the collection – the Freamon boot. “The design is casual, simple and effortless, yet so smart and chic.”


“For me a great pair of shoes is essential, I strongly believe that wearing the right pair of shoes can transform your outfit and body movements”

Paving the way for the future Treadlite technology is lightweight, cushioning, durable, flexible and has great traction. Discover the innovative comfort of the Treadlite collection – from trainers and slip ons to chukka boots, elevate your style credentials by adding Treadlite to your wardrobe. Shop the collection here.

The New Face of UGG: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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In case you haven’t heard the news by now, the inconceivably beautiful and effervescent Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been named the first global ambassador for UGG.


A longtime fan of the brand, Rosie grew up wearing the Classic Boot on her family’s farm on the south coast of Devon, England. And though you’d never guess from her glamorous red carpet looks and chic airport style, Rosie insists she’s a steadfast jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. And she’s showing off that side of herself in our new campaign.


Given Rosie’s roots in the English countryside, we chose to shoot at the Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire.


The charmingly rustic hotel served a the perfect backdrop for the images and graciously hosted a celebratory evening with fashion editors from all over the world. If the photos from that night are any indication, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful partnership.



Inside an Editors Suitcase at Fashion Week: Katherine Ormerod

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We’ve seen what’s inside Fashion Editor’s Robyn Kotze’s suitcase now it’s time to see what Editorial Director Katherine Ormerod packs in hers!

“Fashion month packing has to be the trickiest of all travel tasks. Aside from the weather concerns- wind tunnels and sub zero temperatures in New York to blazing sunshine in Milan come September, there’s the fact that travelling in style means travelling light.”

“When you work 30 days straight (New York to London to Milan to Paris) getting up at 7am and putting an outfit together becomes a challenge beyond even the most seasoned editor. Especially when you factor in the reality that you do have to look at your best. While it can be tempting to throw on a pair of slouchy jeans, when you work in fashion the way you dress is akin to a visual C.V. So you have to put the effort in.”

Editorial Director Katherine Ormerod Heeled Boot Outfit Build for Fashion Week

“The only option is to pre-plan your looks, and pack pieces to switch in if the weather won’t play ball. In New York that means a pair of mini classics—at minus 17°C, that all important morning coffee run demands sheepskin. Over in London, it’s a pair of luxe sneakers—as it’s the most casual of all the fashion weeks, it’s totally appropriate to park the heels.”

Editorial Director Katherine Ormerod Classic UGG Boots and Trainers Outfit Build for Fashion Week

“In Milan where it’s all about old school elegance, fine leather gloves save the day, while Paris requires a do-everything boot—perfect for shows but also cocktails at pavement cafes.”

Editorial Director Katherine Ormerod Heeled Boot and Accessory Outfit Build for Fashion Week


With fashions seal of approval, here comes the best news… you don’t have a wait to adopt these looks, the Classic MiniDeaven and Cobie are available and ready to add a touch of comfortable sophistication to your Spring outfits. Shop them by clicking on the style name.

Inside an Editors Suitcase at Fashion Week: Robyn Kotze

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With fashion week looming and more than a month spent out and about visiting the fashion capitals of the world Editors need to get their packing down to a tee. In Style magazine’s Fashion Editor Robyn Kotze gives us a sneak peak inside her suitcase and shows us how the Annetta trainer works with any outfit!

“When you’re running from show to show, comfort is key. Cool trainers with that fashion yet sporty feel are just what I’m after with my silk blouse and loose fitted trousers.”

Editor Robyn Kotze InStyle UGG Annetta Trainer London Fashion Week SS16

“Nothing works better than a statement top with loose fit mom jeans; I always pair with classic trainers for the relaxed of off duty cool (monochrome trainers with hints of grey are my go to favourite for busy days around the city and especially when wearing wide leg or oversized trousers).”

Editor Robyn Kotze InStyle UGG Annetta Trainer Paris Fashion Week SS16


With fashions seal of approval, here comes the best news… you don’t have a wait to adopt this look, the Annetta is available and ready to add a touch of comfortable sophistication to your Spring outfits. Shop it here.